Cofounders: Marty and Lori Ross

Cross And Crown Ministries was founded by Marty and Lori Ross in 1996. At that time, they dedicated their ranch to reach young people and families for Jesus. As Lori would say "It just doesn't get much better than that."




Thank you Miss Lori (Mom)--We Press on Toward the Goal

As the year 2011 came to a close, Lori--our precious mom, wife, friend, and spiritual mentor--left this earthly life and started her heavenly one. Please note the wording--because we have the complete confidence that Heaven is Real and her last breath here on this earth was but her first breath with her precious Jesus in heaven. We do miss her so very much, but Jesus used her to speak and plant words of wisdom and love in so many of our hearts, and these seeds must continue to grow and spread to all those around us.

There are many words of love and gratitude we could write about Lori, but to put it simply, she would "have our hide." So we will just say thank you Miss Lori (Mom) for Reflecting His Glory and allowing Jesus' love to pour through you." We know with certainty what Lori's response would be--"If there's anything good in me it's only because of Jesus in me--it's sure not me--there's nothing good in me except Jesus."

We also know without a doubt Lori would reprimand us strongly if we did not continue forward--not for her sake--but for Jesus and His Kingdom. It was always her prayer and desire to "press on toward the goal." She once stated--"Get your eyes above it--off of you and the situation and on Jesus--Get your eyes on Him." And that sounds like something she would say to us even at this time--after all, she is now with Jesus and we are sure she would say louder than ever before--"It just doesn't get any better than this."

Lori was committed to and in love with Jesus Christ--it was her utmost desire for Him to be glorified through her, no matter what. The following words of Lori sum it all up--"The most important thing is knowing Jesus--really knowing Him--nothing else matters or is important. I just praise Him!"


May we continue to Reflect His Glory and display His love to all who enter the gates of Cross and Crown. May we "press on toward the goal." And thank you Jesus that Heaven is Real.